• Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe ~ Aztec Goddess Tonatzin/Invoking Divine Energy
  • Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe ~ Aztec Goddess Tonatzin/Invoking Divine Energy

Our Lady of Guadalupe or Aztec Goddess Tonatzin
A custom channeled piece from the Sacred Goddess Collection~Invoking Divine Energy

Red Rose, Moss Agate, Red Coral, Ceramic Mexican Hand Painted Clay Bead and Our Lady of Guadalupe Charm/Rose on backside and Ugandan Silver

Red Rose is the the Goddess's flower and the Ceramic Hand Painted Clay Bead represents the Earth and Power of Creation.

“Tonatzin’s themes are religious devotion and blessings. Her symbols are soil and light. An ancient mother figure who nurtures people and all that dwells in the land, Tonatz
in is the life and light of the world. Today She joins our festival as the originator of this holiday, Tonatzin.
Juan Diego, a Native American convert, was surprised when this Goddess appeared to him in 1531 in an ancient site of pagan worship and requested that the temple be rebuilt [Basilica of Guadalupe]. Juan Diego believed this apparition was Mary, and therefore he did as She commanded. To this day, people come here at this time of the year for the Goddess’s blessing.
While most of us cannot travel to Mexico just to implore Tonatzin, there is nothing that says we can’t honor and invoke Her at hour own home. Light a candle or lamp and place before it a potted plant or bowl of soil. This configuration represents Tonatzin’s presence in your home throughout that day. From here She can illuminate the shadows and generate the light of hope and joy for all whose who live here.
Carry a seed and some soil wrapped in a green cloth with you today. Name the seed after any earth quality you want to develop in your life, such as strong foundations or emotional stability. When you get home, put the seed and soil in a planter or your garden. Tonatzin’s magic is there to manifest growth for the seed and your spirit!”